Synod  2021 -23

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This has now been approved by the Parish Advisory Group and been sent to the Archdiocese of Cardiff

To read the Ledbury report click here

  The Diocesan Synodal Team have now sent us the completed Diocesan Synodal Report
Click here to read it.

This is a synthesis  compiled from 42 Reports  by the Diocesan team and they thank all who supported the synodal process.

They also say "hopefully, you will see the themes that emerged from your synodal discussions.
Of course, you have your Report with which to continue the synodal process in your parish, to plan further prayerful 'listening and discernment' and to plan how you go forward."

Synod Prayer card pictureClick here for the Synod Prayer card

Thank you to all parishioners who contributed

Pippa Wright & Mary Rossiter