Church of The Most Holy Trinity

Ledbury Herefordshire

SERVICES 18th - 27th May 2018

Friday 18th
9.30 am Morning Prayer  10.00am MASS  NB Rosary will be said on the Bus to Walsingham

Saturday 19th

No morning service

5.00pm Vigil Mass    Vigil of Pentecost

Sunday 20th   
10.30am MASS   Pentecost

3.00pm Joint Pentecost Service at the Community Hall (Lawnside)

Monday 21st
No Service

Tuesday 22nd
2.00pm FUNERAL MASS  Hilda Hazzledine R.I.P.

Wednesday 23rd 

6.20pm Rosary & Evening Prayer    7.00pm MASS

Thursday 24th   
9.20am Rosary & Morning Prayer 
10.00am MASS

Friday 25th

 9.20am Rosary & Morning Prayer  10.00am MASS 

Saturday 26th
9.20am Rosary & Morning Prayer  10.00am MASS

4.15pm - 4.45pm Confessions
5.00pm Vigil Mass    The Most Holy Trinity

Sunday 27th
10.30am MASS   The Most Holy Trinity